Requests for Park Use

Requests for Park Use

Thank you for considering Crispus Attucks Park for your event! Events in Crispus Attucks Park must be pre-approved by park managers if the event is for a group over 20 people, or for commercial purposes requested by an individual, business, or non-profit of any group size (in which case, if approved, a $200 donation will be required). All event attendees must abide by the general park rules. Specific rules for events are listed below, including the Application for Park Use. Applications for Park Use are reviewed by managers of Crispus Attucks Park and must be approved before the group may use the park.

Please note: You must submit at least one month in advance for events with 20+ people. We appreciate your patience with our response time; we are a volunteer organization doing our best to serve you. The earlier you submit in advance of your proposed event, the better!

Rules for Events

General park rules apply, unless modified by a park use permit. Keep in mind these specific rules as you consider Crispus Attucks Park for your event.

  • Hours: The park is open for activities from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Parking: There are no parking spaces in Crispus Attucks Park, and DC law prohibits parking in the alley.  Please ensure all attendees park in designated street parking, take public transit or walk to Crispus Attucks Park.  Illegally parked cars may be towed.
  • Food: You may bring food into the park. You must have a plan for trash removal.
  • Grilling: Crispus Attucks Park has a no grilling policy.  You may not utilize a charcoal grill, gas grill, or other open flame.
  • Alcohol: Crispus Attucks Park has a no alcohol policy.  Please do not allow beer, wine, or other alcohol at an event.
  • Sound: Crispus Attucks Park sits right behind many neighbors’ back yards, and sound travels easily to within their homes. We do not allow broadcasts via large speakers. Private events should have private noise levels.
  • Pets: Dogs are allowed in the park on leash only. Dog feces must be collected and taken off-premise.
  • Electricity: Electricity is not available in the park.
  • Water: There is no publicly accessible water hookup in the park. Event organizers should plan to bring all necessary water for your event.
  • Trash removal: Event organizers are responsible for the collection and removal of all of their trash. “Removal” means taken off-premises – not put into neighbors’ trash bins.
  • Deposit: We may require a $100 security deposit for events.
  • Donations: Trees don’t grow on trees! The park exists as it is today only because of the generosity of neighborhood residents and others who contribute.  Please consider paying it forward, so others can enjoy the park in the future!
  • Non-exclusive use: CADC does not guarantee the exclusive use of the park, or any portion of the park, for an event.  Requests are only granted for the non-exclusive use of the park.
  • Release of liability: You assume all risk for your event and you agree not to sue CADC for any act or omission of CADC or for any condition, latent or otherwise, in Crispus Attucks Park.

Understanding these rules, you may submit a request for park use below. Thank you for considering Crispus Attucks Park!