Need to Social Distance in Crispus Attucks Park

In these challenging times, we need to make sure we are doing all we can to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.  Scientists tell us we could be infected with the coronavirus for up to two weeks before presenting symptoms–but in that period we could spread the virus to others.  Social distancing is vitally important to keep from transmitting the coronavirus, when it’s unknown whether we harbor the virus or not.  

In the recent beautiful spring days, Crispus Attucks Park has been packed with people.  We need to do a better job of preventing possible virus transmission. Let’s follow the advice of public health experts:  

  • First, if you can, stay home. 
  • Second, if you do go out, social distancing means staying a minimum of six feet from others.  In recent days, some visitors to Crispus Attucks Park have not respected this guideline.

Other states (and other countries) have completely banned group activities outdoors.  Please help us enforce these guidelines if you see anyone who may need a reminder. Two ways to keep the conversation positive and effective are:

  • “Hi, I want to let you know that this park is mandating 6-feet social distancing”
  • “Hi, can you please keep 6 feet between you so this park won’t be closed?”

If our community is unable to self regulate during this time, we will be forced to close the park. The CADC board will convene to make its decision later this week.

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